Uncovering Greater Insights with Combined Approaches

In our last blog post, we explored how hybrid research allows you to achieve deeper understanding by combining quantitative data with qualitative insights. As a follow up to that, here are a few examples of hybrid research approaches used successfully to provide greater insights for brands.

  • Mix a quantitative survey with a live webcam interview. An international pet care products company launched an innovative stain and odor cleaning product, yet found that it wasn’t having the impact in the marketplace as anticipated, and initial consumer feedback was negative. The company decided to launch a quantitative survey and route a handful of participants into a live webcam interview with a moderator. During the discussion, they found a misinterpretation of application instructions. The hybrid methodology led to key changes in on-package communication and design, accomplished with just a single day of research.
  • Route key respondents from a quantitative survey into a video response option. When a major hotel chain wanted to understand more about members of its loyalty club and how different rewards motivate them, the solution was direct conversations …with a twist. At the end of a traditional quant survey, respondents recorded short video answers to a handful of open-ended questions. The fact that the brand was able to see video of concerns coming straight from their program members’ mouths validated that the findings needed to be addressed.
  • Combine quant with two layers of qual for a deep dive. A premium credit card issuer became concerned about negative client satisfaction scores following changes to the credit card program benefits. From their monthly satisfaction tracking survey, they engaged 30 of the most dissatisfied card holders and 30 randomly selected users for a follow-up discussion. During this three- day bulletin board, respondents were asked additional questions about themes identified in prior surveys, as well as given the opportunity to provide some responses via webcam. By adding this qualitative approach, the company gathered true “voice-of-the-customer” insight and could dive deeper into the context behind the issues reported in their quantitative survey.


Today, hybrid research simply means blending approaches to uncover deeper context and gain agility in outcomes.  Careful, disciplined and open-minded layering of methods can provide a degree of consumer understanding that goes far beyond what single-method research has been able to yield.  Understanding and applying these actionable insights helps develop the bigger picture – driving business growth and increasing ROI.