‘Twas the Night Before a Focus Group

From the desk of Carole Schmidt

Buoyant with the spirit of the holidays, we’d like to share a melodic story with you to acknowledge the many behind-the-scenes partners who help us create first class experiences for our research participants and our clients.

‘Twas the night before the school play and all through the house

There was chaos, a lost backpack, burned spaghetti with sauce.

Mom received a text invite from a polite young man

Recruiting participants for a discussion, that was the plan.


The survey was brief, she liked the fair honorarium.

So she said yes, she had product uses she’d like to share with him!

The mom mentioned meals, car choices, hygiene, and drinks

She loved that her voice matters! That we care what she thinks!


Her confirmation arrived, the group date was soon!

Then, she traveled a few miles to a cheery focus group room.

She was welcomed by a warm host, offered pizza and a smile,

Why, she hadn’t been treated so well in awhile!


Her Doyle moderator instantly felt a lot like a friend

The conversation was revealing, insightful, even emotional ‘til the end.

They looked at concepts, and packaging, and advertising for TV

The mom’s likes and dislikes were even captured on the big sheets!


Mom left with an envelope, a ‘thank you’ for her time

She then headed home to resume her busy life.

The transcriptions were made, the video edits compressed

The moderator wrote her report, her analytical skills put to the test.


The presentation was given, the clients excited by insights

Another research project performed seamlessly, because of the Doyle team’s foresight.

On project managers! On recruiters, and hosts, and technicians!

We at Doyle say THANK YOU to all for completing each mission!


Whether it’s focus groups, in-home ethnographies, video diaries, or shopalongs, it takes a village of best-in-class professionals to deliver meaningful insights and value for our clients. From our Doyle family to yours, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous 2015!