What continues to amaze me is that you were able to uncover issues we never anticipated and would have ignored in the quantitative portion had it not been for your keen observations. Hands down working with the team at Doyle Research yielded the best research project I’ve worked on and I plan on working with them in the future!

Senior Marketing Manager | DrivingSales

I never had this method [online communities] to use before.  Maybe because it allows them to somehow be both open and private at the same time, and because it lets them take as much time as they want to respond, these respondents have offered more heartfelt testimony than I have ever had access to.

Account Planner | Big Arrow Group

I have used Doyle Research on numerous occasions, and have found the team to be knowledgeable, creative in recommending solutions for qualitative that works, and able to turn on a dime when we needed it. We’ve had solid results and some highly insightful analysis that opened business partner eyes to some things they didn’t know but needed to.

Consumer Insights | DeVry University

THANK YOU for all of your hard work on my project.  I really feel like you all went above and beyond to make this happen for us on our crazy timeline – from Kathy rolling up her sleeves to do the pre-fieldwork until Chris was available to jump in, to Chris calling and checking in on all of our respondents and watching all of their videos ahead of the interviews, to Natanya filling last-minute gaps as respondents struggled to find our elusive products.   I know this was a challenging task and I was so impressed with how seamless you all made it feel from my perspective.

Consumer Insights | General Mills

Doyle Research’s ideation really put a spark into our own internal processes. We’re still using the tools we got from that experience.

Global Manager, Consumer Research, Automotive Systems Group | Johnson Controls

Doyle’s qualitative researchers are highly qualified and very knowledgeable. It was a pleasure working with them on complex projects. I could count on my clients being very satisfied with the results, and the partnership worked seamlessly.

Operations Director | Smith Dahmer

From our first meeting, I was impressed with the Doyle team’s probing questions, their ability to listen. They thought through our needs and recommended a truly innovative research design.

Senior Management | Radio Flyer, Inc.

You did a wonderful job managing the project, moderating the interviews, and turning around the topline so quickly!  The team is definitely sold on the benefits of online qualitative.

Shopper Insights Manager | General Mills

We enjoyed working with you all and are so appreciative of your guiding us through the wonderful world of mobile ethnography for this complex behavior/topic.

Associate Director, Strategic Planning & Research| Hager Sharp

We really felt like we got to know some amazing respondents, stories, and insights to inform some awesome work so thank you for making it all happen!

Senior Strategist | Joan Creative