“Dude, Your Ride is Tope.”* Your Customers are Talking. Are You Listening?

From the desk of Carole Schmidt

73% of U.S. Americans now have a social network profile, a 6% growth over just last year. Social media engagement among 18-49 year olds averages 85%! And who’s “talking” in social media on mobile? Young people, African-Americans, Hispanics, the highly educated, and those with a higher annual household income are more likely to use social networking sites on their smartphones than other groups, making it easier than ever to add to the conversation.

Why should we insights people care?

The volume of unaided, qualitative commentary available is unrivaled by any other marketing research method. The world’s largest focus group exists at your fingertips!

What should you do about it?

  • Move social media monitoring and analysis out of PR and into your Research or Insights department.
  • Require social media involvement in screening criteria when seeking “average” Americans. If they’re not Tweeting, they’re not average.
  • Investigate what’s actually driving the trendlines around your brand, your competitors’ brands, or the category as a whole.
  • Tap qualitative social media analysis to identify audiences not previously on your radar. Can you say, “lumbersexuals?”
  • Speak your customers’ language before designing a survey to encourage more accurate responses. “Basic” is NOT a compliment.
  • Surface discussion topics or “red flag” issues to explore further with other methods.
  • Understand the competitive landscape to determine how to deploy limited resources. Should we compete in “gamer food?”

Doyle makes it happen by digging deep into the posts driving the trendlines to see what customers are actually saying. Our social media analysis certification and expert qualitative skills allow us to identify sentiment, buzz, language, geography, domains, even authors that matter to your brand. We tell you where your brand is talked about and what’s being said. Just ask if you’d like a demo! cschmidt@doyleresearch.com

BTW: “Dude, your ride is tope?”* Your sneakers are somewhere in the stratosphere of utter coolness.