Social Media and Meta-Analysis

Maximize data and personnel resources.

In an effort to maximize data and personnel resources, thereby making the most of every research dollar, an important trend in market research is leveraging alternative information sources and cross-functional teams to reveal insights, directional strategies, and ideas.

Marketers no longer look at information to solve a unique problem. Instead, they want a meta-view of their customers, insights, and creative challenges to give them a sustainable competitive advantage.

Social Media Analysis

If you aren’t using the power of social media, you may be missing a huge opportunity to tap into the thoughts, feelings and ideas of millions of current and potential customers. Arguably, tapping social media is like convening the world’s largest focus group.

Using a cutting-edge social listening platform, our skilled qualitative researchers can capture opinions about a specific brand, a competitive brand set, or a topic area. Our external perspective allows us to follow unexpected paths, identify key language, reveal sources of relevant consumers, then translate the data into meaningful insights and discovered opportunities.


Meta-analysis (our term: Minesights®) is a process that takes your existing data (research reports, internal memos, social media sites, customer e-mails, etc.) and evaluates it with fresh eyes, making connections between studies that reveal important insights.

Our experts will dig, sift, analyze, and distill your documents to bring you:

Deeper knowledge. We’ll read between the lines, identify gaps, and draw connections between studies that people closest to a project might miss.

New knowledge. We can explore existing research with a different topic in mind, interpret it from a new perspective, and give you an entirely new set of insights, observations, and ideas.

More accessible knowledge. We’ll give you a concise but comprehensive overview of your existing research, our key findings, and what they mean for your business decisions.

“DRA really grasps the importance of looking beyond “likes” and “followers” in the world of social media analysis to get to the real essence of the conversation and what it all means.”

Consumer Insights | DeVry University

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