Introducing QuickQual

DRA Offers QuickQual

Right now at Doyle Research Associates we are excited about our new QuickQual Service. We believe that QuickQual, powered by GutCheck, is a game changer. Our clients are under tremendous pressure to make business decisions quickly and often there simply isn’t time to wait a month for the qualitative. Time is truly of the essence. With QuickQual, participants are recruited within about two minutes – as opposed to two weeks. Most projects take less than a week from start to finish. This results in smarter business decisions, a Doyle mantra.

When to Use QuickQual

QuickQual is particularly well suited to projects where timing is tight and recruitment incidence reasonable. In a matter of days, a project can be set up, respondents recruited, interviews completed and findings gleaned. Because recruitment is immediate, no pre-scheduling or pre-recruiting of interviews is required, as is the case with other qualitative methods.

Our Case Study

We recently completed a QuickQual case study using the GutCheck platform. The objective was to understand consumers’ overall reactions to aging in the context of air travel, specifically focusing on feedback regarding the new United Airlines Dreamliner Airplane. We selected the Dreamliner as a research topic because it is topical and information about it is publicly available.


DRA completed 18 30-minute one-on-one interviews with Boomers and Seniors. Everyone had flown within the last two years and had household income of $50K+. We showed older Americans a short video about the new United Dreamliner airplane and solicited feedback about it. We then successfully segued into a nuanced and personal discussion of how Boomers and Seniors feel about airplane travel, and more generally how their opinions about flying have changed as they have aged, and then about aging itself.


We obtained feedback on the United Airlines Dreamliner plane and determined how perceptions vary by age. The insights we garnered were interesting and unpredictable. We were intrigued by the degree to which many older consumers equate flying with freedom. Whereas we thought Seniors would have greater concern about flying safety, we learned that, regardless of age, it’s all about creature comforts. Flyers want to be comfortable, and they want to be fed!