Case Studies

Super-Premium Cookie Packaging

  • Business Need: Increase sales by expanding globally into the U.S. super-premium imported cookie category.
  • Research Objective: Understand shoppers’ self and gifting occasion needs, packaging influences, drivers, and barriers at shelf.
  • Research approach: Two methods were employed, allowing learning to cross-pollinate positioning and packaging development.
    • Product–concept-packaging fit: Rotated first-exposure stimulus (product, concept, or packaging) in each set of focus groups to surface perceptual gaps and meaningful benefits.
    • Consumer perceptions and brand landscape: Shopalong interviews delivered insights into packaging appeal, communication points, and merchandising.
    • Team Navigation: Half-day convergence session to review the insights and prioritize action steps.
  • Results: Significant packaging changes were made according to research insights, and a new distribution plan was developed to avoid failing in conventional retail environments.
On-Site Research–Thrill Rides
Ambient Dairy Path to Purchase