Case Studies

Qualitative Meta-Analysis

Our client sought to introduce the next generation of a successful product to excite and motivate more buyers.  The qualitative meta-analysis involved analysis of research reports, category reviews, output from idea generation sessions, as well as what turned out to be a goldmine of information—transcripts from the company’s 1-800 customer care line and its customer e-mail files.  It was extremely valuable information that had been ignored because there was neither the time nor staff available to review it.

The analysis generated the very types of learning we had hoped for; seemingly small, but critical pieces of learning previously undetected by our client.  As a result, they were able to implement changes immediately…even before our final analysis was completed.  Our independent qualitative investigation revealed significant inconsistencies between their product instruction manual and their web site “help desk,” resulting in considerable confusion and frustration among consumers, and thus angry dealers.  The final deliverable has since been shared across departments within our client’s firm and continues to provide value and insightful direction for the development of the product’s next generation.

This example underscores the benefit of qualitative meta-analysis.  It does not rely on numbers and statistics, but rather, taps the experience and seasoned skills of a qualitative professional to see the big picture through the quagmire of reports, to dive deep below the surface to examine and extract rich insights, and to distill all this “fuzzy” information into clear, actionable direction.

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