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To improve its teacher education program on disaster preparedness, the American Red Cross needed to speak to teachers across the country who had experience with the curriculum materials. But it was the hectic end of the school year. How could they reach these teachers efficiently and with a minimum of intrusion during this busy time? Enter Doyle Research’s BoardTalk bulletin board focus group discussions.

A total of 25 teachers from a variety of grade levels, subject areas and schools across the country participated in the BoardTalk discussion over its three-day course. Teachers logged in at least twice a day to respond to questions posted by the moderator, and to react to postings from other respondents. Although not conducted in “real time,” the conversation flowed round-the-clock; teachers were able to give detailed descriptions of their experiences, in their own time and from any location – at school between classes, at the library, or at home in their pajamas! This rich discussion gave the American Red Cross the insight it needed to better publicize the curriculum, enhance the many areas in which it excels, and make changes to optimize it for the future.

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