Case Studies

On-Site Research–Thrill Rides

  • Business Objective: Design a new highly compelling prospective thrill ride by leveraging appealing features of current rides/attractions.
  • Research Objective: Identify and understand key likes/dislikes, thrilling and unique elements of current rides by understanding the consumer experience with the park’s current offering.
  • Method(s): Participants were recruited upon entering the theme park and asked to meet at a specified attraction at a designated time.
    • Group Experience/Product Usage: Participants, as a group, rode the specified ride twice before sharing their opinions.
  • Group Discussion: Upon exiting the ride, participants immediately debriefed their experience in a group discussion, identifying must-have elements for delivering an exhilarating experience in future rides/attractions.
  • Results: Insights were used to develop an “attraction doctrine” or blueprint that includes a list of essential elements, innovative features and relevant themes for the prospective attraction.
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