Case Studies

Kids and Teens

Johnson Controls’ (JCI) Automotive Systems Group was charged with developing an auto-show quality vehicle that would showcase its capabilities and expertise in colors and materials. With that in mind, the group chose teens as its target to leverage the distinct design challenges this group will bring to the industry as they become old enough to purchase automobiles.

To provide direction for the development process, JCI asked Doyle Research to help the team immerse themselves in the teen “world”. A series of 18 in-depth interviews—six in-home and fifteen at research facilities in two distinctly different markets—were conducted among teens who were self-described as either “fashion-forward”, “intensely athletic”, or “mainstream”. All respondents were asked to complete detailed photo assignments designed to enhance the team’s understanding of the colors and materials in teens’ lives.

Following the interviews, a DRA Team Navigation® session was conducted to sift through the findings and explore the insights gained. As a result, specific direction was provided to the client team in terms of color, fabrication, materials and features. See next year’s auto-show for the final results!

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