Case Studies

In-Depth Interview

A major automotive supplier initiated an exploratory research project designed to understand consumers’ attitudes toward technology and the role that it plays in their lives.

Doyle Research conducted a series of in-depth interviews among adults representing a broad range of demographics as well as attitudes toward technology. Prior to their interviews, respondents were asked to complete a two-part homework assignment: a “day in the life” record, as well as a technology inventory. During the course of the interviews, respondents were questioned extensively about their lifestyles, satisfaction levels, and the role of technology in their lives. Particular attention was paid to their reactions toward technology, regardless of the role it played.

The research resulted in a number of distinct consumer profiles (delivered to the client via “posters” and a Power Point presentation summarizing key findings and implications) which are currently being utilized by advanced design groups as stimulus for new product development.

In-Store Interviews