Case Studies


  • Business Objective: Facing declining sales, the brand team sought to explore how their current product could be improved to be more enticing and reverse the current trend.
  • Research Objective: To evaluate the product, in terms of ease of preparation, barriers to purchase, key likes/dislikes, suggested improvements for use in product optimization.
  • Method(s):
    • Shop-along: Participants shopped for and purchased the product.
    • Video diary: Participants video recorded their preparation of the product, how they served it, and their family’s reaction. Doyle’s moderator reviewed all recordings and developed a list of probes specific to each participant’s recording.
    • Webcam interviews: follow up interviews with each participant to explore challenges in finding the product on shelf, perceptions of the product relative to competitive offerings, barriers to future purchases, suggested enhancements, etc.
  • Results: Research indicated that the decline in sales was a result of limited awareness, shelf presence and packaging, not the product itself. As a result, the packaging was updated to increase visibility.
Consumer Deep Dive—Pick-Up Trucks
On-Site Research–Thrill Rides