Case Studies

Home Improvement

A prominent adhesive and sealant manufacturer wanted to understand how trade customers shop for caulk and how caulk is applied and used by consumers. “Caulk Story 1” involved shopalongs using a home center sealant shelf set. At-shelf interviews were conducted with builders, painters, and heavy DIY-ers to understand purchase behavior and POP signage. For Phase 2, (also known as “Caulk Story 2”) we sent DIY-ers two kinds of caulk and asked them to take on two small caulking projects. Using webcams, consumers were asked to provide “show and tell” videos explaining the projects, and describing their experience with each product. Findings, which included a video highlight reel, helped fuel product development and a POP revamp.

A flooring company wanted to assess interest in possible line extensions of its storied brand. We conducted an in-depth three-day online bulletin board with DIYers to understand how each product extension was perceived. The platform we used had a randomization feature so the concepts were presented to consumers in varying rotations, which eliminated the order bias that often impacts concept evaluation. Findings were used to determine which ideas merited further refinement.

A manufacturer of bath safety products wanted to understand bathroom navigation and safety challenges therein. Comprehensive in-home ethnographies were conducted with the disabled, boomers, and seniors. For some of these individuals, follow-up shopalongs were conducted for bath safety products at home centers. Mini-focus groups were also conducted with these participants to understand reactions to product design and messaging. Findings were used to identify “white space” in new product development.

A plumbing supplies company that produces American-made premium valves wanted to understand how its valve is perceived among its customers; in particular how its signature product compares to newer, less expensive imported valves. A comprehensive voice of the customer study was conducted, with fifty in-person interviews conducted with plumbers, wholesalers and builders. Findings were used to enhance marketing and positioning.

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