Case Studies

Consumer Packaged Goods

The Consumer Insight’s team at a major CPG firm wanted to provide their internal clients with an in-depth understanding of a key consumer segment — their lifestyles, habits, attitudes, product purchase decisions, usage, and other behaviors.  The goal was to use those insights to contribute to smarter consumer targeting, product innovations and perhaps even strengthened retail-partner relationships.  Doyle Research brought the voice of the segment to life in an engaging manner, using video diaries.  Panelists were tapped on a monthly basis, and asked to respond to a single-focus topic question via webcam.  Each month, a “show and tell” video was produced and presented to marketing.

Another CPG client wanted to increase household penetration of their brand among both current brand users and category non-brand users.  A two-phase study was designed.  In Phase One, focus groups were used to explore current category behaviors, brand preferences, purchase decisions, usage decisions, and relevant lifestyle issues.  In Phase Two, an inundation/deprivation exercise was designed.  Brand users had the brand removed from their freezers, and were asked not to replace it for two weeks.  Category non-brand users were given a two-week supply of client’s brand, and asked to integrate it into their mealtime routine.  Respondents in both categories kept a video diary during the two- week period recording their feelings and experiences as a result of either being deprived of their chosen brand, or inundated with a brand not normally used. This two-phase study design provided the brand team with an engaging, even fun way of learning about the target end-user while contributing to smarter consumer targeting and product innovations.

Ambient Dairy Path to Purchase