Case Studies

Consumer Deep Dive—Pick-Up Trucks

  • Business Objective: To develop innovative truck interior designs that heighten the driving experience, generate industry buzz and increase truck sales.
  • Research Objective: To explore the world of the heavy-duty pick-up truck buyer to uncover insights needed to drive innovative interior design.
  • Method(s):
    • Day in the life Journal: Participants completed a photo diary detailing a day in their life and their relationship with their truck.
    • Individual interviews: Immersive interviews were conducted to review each participant’s photo journal and to understand the owner’s lifestyle and specific needs for a truck. The second portion of the interview took place in the participant’s truck, where they evaluated current features, explained workaround solutions, discussed how features addressed (or failed to address) current needs, and explored gaps/white space opportunities.
  • Results: Findings from the research led to a qualitative psychographic segmentation of truck owners, and provided the client with ideas for interior features (e.g., dashboard display, cab and door design) to address a cross section of needs.