Case Studies


Lifestyle Understanding

A major food manufacturer wanted to better understand Baby Boomers’ lifestyles, habits, attitudes, product purchase decisions, product requirements, and usage behaviors to inform product development.  A series of online video diaries were completed over the course of several months to bring the voice of the Boomer segment to life.  Subsequently, DRA created a 5-10 minute video-centric presentation highlighting lifestyle insights, complemented with DRA’s analysis and resulting implications. Findings enabled our client to more effectively target these consumers, implement product innovations and strengthen retail-partner relations.

The Senior Experience

A major health insurer wanted to better understand the consumer experience with each of the touch points of its mail order prescription program. In-person interviews were conducted with prescription mail order program subscribers. Careful screening ensured participants could actually refill or order a new prescription as part of the research interview (by phone or online).

DRA and our client observed the entire prescription order process experience in real time. Results informed the insurer as to which touch point experiences had the greatest impact on subscriber satisfaction and provided input for better positioning its resources toward creating an enhanced mail-order pharmacy experience.

Defining Aspirations

A pharmaceutical company wanted to identify the factors and influences that inhibit the decision to move forward with a cosmetic dermatology procedure. In-depth interviews were conducted among users as well as non-users. To enrich the interview and facilitate the surfacing of emotional factors sooner, participants were given a pre-session “homework” assignment to create a photo collage representing the kind of look the women desired for their faces (the look, the skin condition, the beauty style, the feeling). Results of the research provided the client with insights regarding what language and images resonate with–and motivate–female Boomers during the decision process, how they assess brand value, and identified triggers or drivers for moving women faster through the decision process.

Consumer Deep Dive—Pick-Up Trucks