More Blurred Lines, Still No Twerking: Merging Quant and Qual Studies for Superior Insights

From the desk of Christine Efken

Breakthrough insights are more important than ever before. Yet, more than ever before, we find our clients challenged by tighter timeframes and more limited funds. Studies that in the past were comprised of three or four separate phases are now evolving into a single study that leverages the best of both the quantitative and qualitative worlds.

Though there are research purists that might resist this evolution, blended designs leverage elements from a variety of methods to craft a design that best addresses clients’ business and research objectives.

Consider making a minimal investment in blurring the lines of your next quantitative study with one of these four qualitative “add ons”:

  1. Ask a sub-segment of survey respondents to participate in a follow-up bulletin board discussion or webcam focus group.  By simply clicking a link at the end of a survey, select respondents can be immediately directed to a qualitative platform to gather additional insight.
  2. Add moderated in-depth interviews to the end of mobile surveys.   To bring additional context and insights to text-based survey findings, opt to have select participants interviewed by a moderator.   Participants can provide additional depth and understanding, respond to follow-up probes, send photos or videos of their product usage behavior, purchase triggers, usage environment, etc.
  3. Conduct an IHUTnography where a sub-segment of participants from a quantitative Product Placement study participate in a more in-depth in-situ interview. Using a webcam to stream the depth interview, participants can be observed using the product, asked about product usage and key features, and probed about challenges and/or benefits, unmet needs.
  4. Add a post-research assignment to an advertising research study. Consider placing the new product with your research participants to assess how well it delivers relative to the claims communicated in your test ad.   Have participants use the product, complete an online survey and/or email a video selfie sharing their thoughts and opinions with the team.

So why not try blurring the lines of your next quantitative study to see what adding a little qual can do for you.