It’s our anniversary!

One year ago, Doyle Research became a member of the 20|20 Research family.

It’s been a whirlwind year of change and discovery. What have I learned?

Culture Matters:  When you sell a company, everyone talks about the legal and financial aspects. But one of the biggest reasons for joining the 20|20 team was the fact that the company is full of smart, compassionate people who share the same values and who are committed to doing the right thing – for our clients, for the industry, and for the community.   When people are hired at 20|20 they must qualify as CHILES-G. Curious, Humble, Intelligent, Likeable, Enthusiastic, Service-Oriented – and Gritty.   And remarkably, they all do.

Someone Has To Be First:  20|20 Research has been a pioneer in the industry for more than 30 years, particularly for digital research. And Doyle Research has partnered with them behind the scenes for over 20 years in bringing new methods to our clients. What I didn’t know, until after we became part of the 20|20 team, is that we were their FIRST paying client to use the QualMeeting platform for video interviews, and that the CEO of 20|20, Isaac Rogers, was behind the scenes biting his nails when we launched that very first project years ago.

Two Companies Are Better Than One. And The Synergies Have Benefited Our Clients:  We can now offer our clients a broader range of services.  We can continue to provide you with full-service qualitative research.  OR, we can provide you with the platform only, or recruiting only, and you can do the research yourself.  We have also been able to expand our capabilities to offer a range of innovative hybrid qual/quant methods that have helped our clients achieve greater research agility.

There Is A Book In This Experience: When buying and selling businesses the energy, understandably, is focused on putting the legal and financial details in place. But then you wake up on Day 1 as an employee of a new company and the earth shifts.  And I doubt anyone is truly prepared for it—not the company acquiring the business, and not the CEO selling their business.  For my next career, I am going to write a book called “The Morning After.”  I think I’ll start with some market research….

And Then There is Salesforce:  What can I say…I managed to avoid it for 32 years. And now I can’t.

If you’d like to know more about ways we can leverage the strengths of 20|20 Research with your team, give me a shout.