As qualitative specialists, our skills are transferable across a broad range of industries and consumer segments.

We have an insatiable curiosity, and our interests run the gamut. We’ve interviewed people about breakfast, tricycles, bath safety, office furniture, health insurance, trash disposal, sunscreen, washing machines, facial fillers, anti-smoking campaigns … even caulk! That being said, we have particular strengths in several key industries…

Home Improvement

Close your eyes and visualize your local home center, filled with a plethora of items both big and small. If it’s in the home center, chances are we’ve conducted qualitative research about it.

We have worked in cabinetry, valves, faucets, bathing systems, insulation, paint, and hardware. And once the improvements are made, we’ve even got expertise in home décor and landscaping.

We attribute our success interviewing building professionals to our knowledge of the industry, our interest in participants’ perspectives, and our love of the category. We have interviewed hundreds of plumbers, builders, remodelers, painters and roofers. We have interviewed homeowners who are DIY, and those who are decidedly not! We have interviewed interior designers, architects, and facility managers.

Consumer Goods

As “people people” we love nothing more than to talk to consumers about products from the mundane to the exotic. We have guided new product development, marketing strategies, packaging concepts and advertising in a variety of specialty areas, including personal and home care, food and beverages, toys and games, and pet care. What we have found in product development is that participants don’t know what they don’t know. We make sense of it all – which enables our clients to optimize positioning, messaging and advertising, and truly understand what makes today’s consumers tick. Over the years, our clients have included General Mills, S.C. Johnson, PepsiCo, Sara Lee, Neutrogena, Wells Enterprises, Hillshire Farms, Continental Mills, Colgate Palmolive, Home Market Foods, and Nestle.


Want to understand automotive? Put Doyle Research in the driver’s seat. We attribute our success in this category to our knowledge and love of the industry, and our interest in participants’ perspectives.

From ideation through concept development, we have worked throughout the new product development process. We have conducted deep dives for trucks, SUVs, mini-vans, and small/mid-size vehicles; day-in-the-life profiles for various consumer segments; in-home, in-vehicle, and rest stop intercepts. We have worked on seating and interiors, storage, 3rd party websites, trends analysis, dealer training and product development, and numerous path-to-purchase studies.

Need research done in the automotive category? We have the industry know-how and strategic smarts needed to get the job done.


Doyle Research has provided qualitative research services for a wide range of prominent healthcare organizations such as Allergan, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control, Kaiser Permanente, Novartis, Vistakon and Stryker.

We have spoken with patients, caregivers, seniors, hospital clinical and non-clinical staff, physicians, hospital donors, and benefits managers. We’ve engaged them via focus groups, telephone and webcam interviews, in short-term online communities, on-site observational interviews and over time using a mobile app.

Each study is custom designed to help our clients determine how to improve customer satisfaction, design or refine health care plans, evaluate medical equipment and supplies, develop marketing communications, assess screening practices, and evaluate their sales practices.

Food Service

When it comes to foodservice, the devil is in the details. Margins are small. Volume is large. The key to the whole thing is successful execution of fantastic customer experience. And qualitative research can help you get there.

Doyle Research has extensive experience in the foodservice industry. We’ve talked to fast food customers, lunch ladies, franchisees, food service operators and managers, distributors, restaurant owners, chefs, servers, and online food merchants. If it’s related to food service, we’ve done it!

We’ve worked on everything from menu ideation and design to ad research, and dine-arounds, to customer satisfaction, food development, and taste testing. We’ve explored the customer-server relationship, drive-thru experiences, brand perceptions, vending machine interfaces, and seating configurations.

We utilize both traditional and innovative methods to help our clients achieve their research objectives. Especially useful to our clients in the food service industry have been our in-person and mobile shopalongs for “in the moment” insights.

Boomers, Seniors

Boomers and Seniors, due to their sheer numbers, are continuing to drive trends and demands for new products and services that meet their transitional needs from their 60’s to their 70’s and beyond! Their desire to stay healthy and active for as long as possible is redefining aging in our culture and is fostering the creation of new products, technologies and industries.

We have conducted numerous studies with Boomers and Young Seniors, exploring health and wellness issues (CPG firms), insurance issues (major health insurance carriers), issues of aging in place (Moen, Masco Bath), and how to best communicate with Young Seniors (NCPSSM). And we have utilized a variety of research methods including in-person focus groups, in-home interviews, phone interviews, webcam interviews, and online communities.

A partial list of clients who have benefited from our Mature Market expertise include: AARP, Allergan, Beano, Blue Cross Blue Shield, General Mills, Humana, National Committee to Preserve Medicare and Medicaid, Masco Corporation, and Sara Lee.


Nowadays, education is an industry instead of an ivory tower. Budgets are tightening. Competition for students is fierce. In this environment, it’s critical to understand the needs of today’s current and prospective students, educators and alumni to ensure smarter business decisions.

At Doyle Research, our thinking caps are on. We know education. We have conducted qualitative research studies for various academic institutions, educators and companies that support the education industry. We’ve provided insight and helped our clients develop strategies for a wide range of topics. Studies have included:

  • The college search and selection process
  • Segmentation: In-depth need/state profiling of prospective students
  • Student, faculty and staff satisfaction
  • Curriculum, study guide and test-prep development
  • Positioning and branding of academic institutions and degree programs
  • Marketing communications and recruiting materials
  • The textbook evaluation and adoption process
  • Alumni outreach and programming
  • Dorm interior décor items
  • Back-to-school shopping process and triggers
  • Fundraising

Some of our clients have included DeVry, Illinois State University, University of St. Thomas, Follett and Barnes & Noble College.

A Variety of Approaches. Expert Implementation. Peace of Mind.

Whether it’s online ethnography, social media analysis, or mobile research, we value the exploration of new methods and have a variety of innovative approaches at our disposal. If there’s a resource that has the potential to help our clients better understand their market, we are out in front, using new technology, assessing our findings, and implementing best practices to ensure the best results, every time.

And don’t think we neglect the tried and true, traditional methods such as focus groups and IDIs. We bring innovative projective exercises, creative homework assignments, and above all moderating excellence to each and every project. What do you get from our diligence and dedication? Peace of mind.