IIeX Recap: Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick

From the desk of Alice Morgan

IIeX, has become the go-to conference about innovation in the market research space. It’s fantastic, a crash course in the new and now.

Main takeways:

  • Quant surveys need to be short, easy, fast and fun.
  • Play nice with big data. IT is your friend.
  • Mobile ethnography generates rich, lively, in-the-moment insights in today’s selfie society.
  • Indirect, out-of-the-box qualitative methods such as empathy and improvisation yield great stuff.

During the IIeX Innovation Competition, startups vied for a cash prize. Fetch has a cool grocery shopping app that enables you to apply discounts, keep a running tally of what you’re spending, and express checkout.   Dataga.me reduces survey fatigue by turning surveys into games. Sway conducts surveys within various gaming apps and provides results lickety-split.   Other platforms to watch out for include Digsite, an online qualitative community with the look and feel of social media. And Ditto uses complex mathematical models to code and analyze photos, identifying patterns and brand associations in the process.

Google (aka the elephant in the room) gave a reassuring presentation about how despite – or perhaps because of – Big Data, there will still be a need for surveys. The audience breathed a collective sigh of relief!

I presented “Kicking the Tires: the Automotive Path to Purchase” which analyzed new car-buyers’ experiences at the dealership and showcased Doyle’s cutting-edge mobile technique Geo-Stories℠. We appreciated the opportunity to present.

Many thanks to Leonard Murphy and the Greenbook team for planning and hosting such an outstanding learning opportunity.