Four Reasons to Consider Outsourcing to a Qualitative Strategist

I have been noticing a trend among clients who want to bring some qualitative and quantitative research in-house. I get it. It’s expensive. You know what you want, so surely you should be able to do it yourself.

And the truth is, you probably can! But should you?

Absolutely. Some of the time…

But here are a few reasons to consider outsourcing, and perhaps they’ll help you decide when to DIY and when to go the full-service route.

  1. An outside perspective can yield insights that the internal team is too close to see. A qualitative strategist can spot trends you might miss or help you connect the dots in new ways.
  2. Full-time qualitative researchers know how to maximize the value of the research. Through clever/efficient study design, guide development and the use of specialized techniques, they can get beyond surface responses and group bias.
  3. Going the full-service route allows the client team to concentrate on listening, note taking, and convergence activities. This moves next steps along further and faster.
  4. We hear from clients who have tried DIY that “It’s harder than it looks!” There are myriad details that can make or break a project, and we’ve learned them all the hard way. Why should you?

Still thinking about tackling your project on your own? Email me at My team is happy to offer advice on how to get the most out of the research you are conducting. And we hope you’ll remember us kindly the next time you do decide to outsource!