Today’s Hybrid Research: It Might Not Mean What You Think It Means

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As brands engage in a never-ending battle for share of mind and wallet, every new piece of insight has the potential to provide a competitive advantage. The companies that win are those that have a 360-degree view of the consumer and competitors – and there is no better way to gain a more complete view than by blending research methods in a hybrid approach.

In our latest eBook, we’ll show you how to move away from incomplete and one-dimensional data by:
• Defining what exactly hybrid research is and why it matters.
• Revealing how a mix of methodologies can provide the most comprehensive perspective.
• Sharing examples from brands that have used hybrid approaches successfully.

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Understand the Wide Range of Methods Used in Qualitative Research.

Over the past few years, the qualitative toolkit has vastly increased with the addition of online and mobile methods, social media, and newly emerging methods such as neuromarketing and virtual reality. These additions have brought significant benefits, and the ability to conduct research that was simply not possible before. Our newest eBook covers a variety of topics, including:

  • In-person methods
  • Digital methods
  • Confluence methods
  • Emerging methods

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Take Advantage of the Latest Trend in the Industry… Mobile Qual.

Everyone has their mobile phones with them all of the time, and they’re comfortable using the phones to record their experiences. By eliminating some of the challenges of traditional in-person research, mobile qualitative presents a versatile new opportunity for obtaining consumer insights because it can do something no other research can… get true in-the-moment feedback from participants, regardless of the time of day or their location. Our newest eBook covers a variety of topics, including:

  • 6 reasons to use Mobile Qual
  • 7 study types that are perfect for Mobile Qual
  • The critical role of the qualitative strategist
  • 3 case studies showcasing mobile qual success

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More Profit, Longer Life: How Qualitative Research Optimizes the Product Lifecycle

Information is the ‘secret sauce’ of successfully managing the product lifecycle. There is simply no substitute if you want to create a long-term business. And the ROI on information can be the difference between product success and failure. In developing a new product, the goal is to make sure the benefits delivered are those demanded by the market. In our latest eBook, More Profit, Longer Life: How Qualitative Research Optimizes the Product Lifecycle, we explore the research needed to support the five stages of the product lifecycle:

  • Innovation: Get better concepts, faster.
  • Product Development: Turn concepts into successful products.
  • Marketing and Communications: Craft breakthrough communications that motivate the target.
  • Performance Tuning: Boost a product that’s already launched.
  • Portfolio Management: Advance the product portfolio.

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A Guide to Qualitative Path-to-Purchase Research

Path-to-Purchase qualitative research creates insights that impact your brand, your product, your pricing, your packaging, and your distribution strategies. No other type of marketing research produces a more holistic picture of your customer, and how they go about choosing to buy (or not buy) your product or service. Today, the consumers’ Path-to-Purchase for even the simplest product is complicated by new media, social influences, technology, and distribution channels. Fully understanding their Path-to-Purchase usually requires several different qualitative marketing research approaches. After reading A Guide to Qualitative Path-to-Purchase Research, you will understand:

  • The Stages and applications of qualitative Path-to-Purchase research
  • The benefits of understanding your customers’ Path-to-Purchase
  • How to get ready for Path-to-Purchase research
  • How Path-to-Purchase research to solved real marketing challenges (case studies)

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