Advance your team’s vision and imagination with collaborative work sessions to solve a problem, frame a project, innovate or iterate.

Wonder Sessions

Wonder Sessions are facilitated information-sharing work sessions used to discuss industry trends, identify knowledge gaps, develop hypotheses and outline key areas of interest prior to research or ideation.

Sessions typically begin with a series of presentations (i.e. client presentation on the background that has led to this initiative; key findings from past research; outside industry experts to discuss emerging trends, problems, wish lists) followed by small group sessions to leverage the learning.

Team Navigation® Sessions

Team Navigation® work sessions take the insights that research or idea generation projects have uncovered and evaluates them against clients’ business objectives.

In a facilitated work session, clients identify themes and significant insights, search for additional ideas grounded in those insights, and examine the benefits and risks of potential courses of action. An extended session can also be conducted to turn the strongest ideas into test ready concepts. This dynamic process keeps your team together while the research is fresh, focusing their energy on the next stage.

Team Ideation Sessions

“We must not be afraid to push boundaries; instead, we should leverage our science and our technology, together with our creativity and our curiosity, to solve the world’s problems.”

–Jason Silva

Advancing your team’s vision and imagination is what Doyle’s Team Ideation specialists do best. Whether you want to create entirely new products or a distinctive positioning, or expand on existing ones, our idea generation experts design and facilitate co-creation that results in a prolific yield of on-target, compelling ideas.

  • Frame your business challenge using relevant (or disruptive!) primary, secondary, and/or digital research
  • Super-charge your team’s creativity and productivity by including target customers and/or category experts
  • Optimize divergent thinking with dozens of customized, inspiring activities, challenges, and techniques.
  • Navigate the emergent bounty to identify the richest territories for innovation using your criteria for success.

To keep your team’s innovation endeavors moving forward, we don’t stop at brainstorming. Our highly-skilled, convergence team curates and refines the creative bounty to deliver an organized inventory of complete descriptive statements or fully developed, test-ready concepts.

“I’ve made a policy that research here is always followed by a Team Navigation process.”

Global Manager, Consumer Research, Automotive Systems Group | Johnson Controls

“Doyle Research’s ideation really put a spark into our own internal processes. We’re still using the tools we got from that experience.”

Global Manager, Consumer Research, Automotive Systems Group | Johnson Controls

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