Team Navigation


The 2018 Guide to Qualitative Research Methods

Team Navigation®

The Team Navigation® process takes the valuable insights you get from research or idea generation and applies them to the objectives at hand—quickly, effectively, on the spot.

In an expertly guided work session, your team will:

  • Identify themes and significant insights from your research
  • Search for additional ideas grounded in those insights
  • Examine the benefits these ideas hold for your end users and your brand
  • Explore the risks of pursuing—or bypassing—a particular course of action
  • Assess where that course of action takes you and how it gets you there.

This dynamic process keeps your team together while the research is fresh, focusing their energy on the next stage.

“Doyle Research’s ideation really put a spark into our own internal processes. We’re still using the tools we got from that experience.   In fact, I’ve made a policy that research here is always followed by a Team Navigation process.”

Global Manager, Consumer Research, Automotive Systems Group | Johnson Controls

Online Qualitative Research

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