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The 2018 Guide to Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative Social Media Analysis

If your social media feed is stuck in the PR or Customer Satisfaction departments, you may be missing a huge opportunity to tap into the thoughts, feelings, and even ideas of literally millions of current and potential customers!

Using your existing social media data (or, we can generate data for you through our partnership with NetBase), Doyle’s skilled qualitative researchers explore what’s behind the trendlines. Our external perspective allows us to follow unexpected paths, identify key language, reveal sources of relevant consumers, then translate the data into meaningful insights and discovered opportunities.

Qualitative social media analysis—looking beyond the automated monitoring reports—is an optimal source of rich customer INSIGHTS and can be used to:

  • UNDERSTAND what’s being said about your brand
  • IDENTIFY perceived competitors, not just who you think they are
  • DEFINE potential markets
  • DISCOVER previously unknown customer segments or issues to explore
  • EXPLORE language and dialogue around a specific category—particularly useful for new business pitches
  • INSPIRE creative for advertising development
  • REVEAL areas of opportunity or whitespace for new product or service development
  • STRATEGIZE for a brand’s Facebook content
  • TRACK IMPACT of promotional or communications campaigns

Whether a stand-alone piece of research or one component of a mixed-method study, participate fully in the world’s largest focus group opportunities with Qualitative Social Media Analysis (QSMA)!

“DRA really grasps the importance of looking beyond “likes” and “followers” in the world of social media analysis to get to the real essence of the conversation and what it all means. The landscape of research is evolving to include findings from online conversations in qualitative analyses, but the attributes and inherent inconsistencies of the medium require proper coding and weighting of the nuances, as well as a business understanding of the topic at hand. DRA knows just how to bring these important components together in their analysis. ”

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