Selfie Videos

Method Description: Selfie videos are in-the-moment smartphone videos taken by respondents that capture a single point of time. Whether the videos are task-driven or experience-driven, this method allows us to understand what people see, do, and consider. Selfie videos can be a stand-alone method, but are frequently used as part of a mixed method design.

Ideal Uses

  • In the grocery store, providing at-shelf feedback about an item
  • At the restaurant, explaining what triggered a visit
  • At the auto shop, reacting to an oil change

The Doyle Difference

Doyle Research has been incorporating Selfie Videos into our research design for years.   We provide participants with precise and detailed instructions that clearly explain both the assignment and the technical directions.

“ You did a wonderful job managing the project, moderating the interviews, and turning around the topline so quickly!  The team is definitely sold on the benefits of online qualitative! “

 Shopper Insights Manager | General Mills

Chicago Qualitative Research