Webcam Focus Groups

Method Description: Webcam focus groups are focus groups conducted online, using a platform like QualMeeting. They are typically comprised of 4-5 respondents and last 60 – 90 minutes. Webcam focus groups provide the personal interaction of in-person research with the benefits of online. A shared screen feature allows stimulus to be shown and marked up by both respondents and moderators, and a polling feature allows respondents to answer select questions privately before further discussion.

Webcam Interviews

Method Description: Webcam IDIs are in-depth interviews conducted online, using a technology solution like QualMeeting. They usually last 45 – 60 minutes. The participant and moderator see each other and the stimuli (storyboard, video, etc.). We can also share the respondent’s screen and watch them navigate a topic/website of interest online. The client team views remotely, and can suggest prompts or clarifications to the moderator via a chat box.

Ideal Uses and Benefits of Both

  • Webcam Focus Groups and/or IDIs are ideal for getting instant feedback from consumers on concepts, taglines, package designs and other stimuli.
  • Respondents can participate from the comfort of their own environment (e.g., home, office)
  • Viewers can communicate with the moderator or other viewers in different locations via text boxes (e.g., probing questions) while the group is taking place
  • No travel needed for respondents, viewers or moderator
  • They work well when participants are scarce and/or geographically dispersed, eliminating time zones as a factor

The Doyle Difference

We have been conducting webcam focus groups and IDIs for many years, and know the techniques which work well for this method. Plus, we’re part of 20|20, the company that helped pioneer the technology. We make sure that all participants undergo a “tech check” to reduce the chance of technical mishaps and ensure optimal lighting. Our mastery of moderating and the technology platform used ensures that our webcam focus groups and IDIs are lively and generate rich insights.

“ You did a wonderful job managing the project, moderating the interviews, and turning around the topline so quickly!  The team is definitely sold on the benefits of online qualitative! “

Shopper Insights Manager | General Mills

Chicago Qualitative Research