Webcam Communication Checks (WCC’s)

Method Description:  Webcam Communication Checks (WCC’s) are online webcam-enabled one-on-one interviews that use a platform like QualMeeting to assess advertising and other communications in various stages of development.  The participant and moderator see each other and the stimuli (storyboard, video, etc.). The client team views remotely, and can suggest prompts or clarifications to the moderator via a chat box.

Used in advertising and communication research, WCCs offer the following advantages:

  • — WCC’s take geography out of the equation.  One of the biggest issues with any qualitative study is the need to reach consumers across a potentially vast geography.  Introducing webcams into the mix allows us to recruit participants from around the country without affecting the budget OR the timeline. The result: increased reach that can provide more relevant insights.
  • — WCC’s offer a close-up of the participant.  Sometimes what’s most important in a qualitative study isn’t what’s said, but what’s learned from body language and facial expressions.  Webcams offer a close-up view of the participant, allowing us to develop a full picture of the customer response.
  • — With travel needs eliminated, entire teams can participate.  Because virtual communication checks remove the need for travel, not only have we been able to engage respondents from all over the country, but entire teams, wherever they are located, can view the interviews and provide input.
  • — Participant comfort is key; webcams make it easy.  Respondents participate from their own home, their own office, and on their time. Because of this, they are comfortable, relaxed, and more engaged in the process.

The Doyle Difference

WCCs are a cost-effective method which test communications quickly, thoroughly and without regional bias.  We developed this method several years ago and are part of 20|20 Research, the company that helped pioneer the technology. We make sure that participants undergo “tech checks” to reduce the chance of technical mishaps and ensure optimal lighting.  Our moderators are experienced at assessing breakthrough, comprehension, playback, and opportunities for enhancement.


“I first worked with Doyle Research about a year ago on webcam communication checks.  It was the first time any group at General Mills utilized the technology for this methodology.  I so appreciated working with the Doyle team – we worked through any and all issues together.  The Doyle team even worked tirelessly over the weekend to make sure we were ready for our first sessions.  Overall, the project ended up going very smoothly, and we’ve gone on to adopt this method as our “go to” for future communication checks.  It was even showcased to senior leaders at General Mills and the rest of the Consumer Insights community as a best practice.”

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