Method Description: QuickQual is a flat fee, full-service qualitative solution that delivers insights from 20 respondents with near instant recruiting and a 48-72 hour turnaround – including analysis and a topline report! Depending on your research objectives, choose between 30-minute text-based interviews or a two-day instant community. Leveraging the GutCheck Real-Time Research platform, we have access to a panel of 6 million+ consumers and can connect you with your target audience in minutes. We also can recruit respondents quickly using your own panel, customer list or social media assets, like your Facebook fan page.

Ideal Uses

  • Need immediate feedback on proposed advertising concepts or executions – before they go live?
  • Have a new business pitch, and want some consumer insights to help differentiate your presentation?
  • Considering a new logo, package design, messaging or website and need quick, inexpensive input to provide direction?
  • Have a research question, but don’t have the time or funds allocated for a full-scale research study?

The Doyle Difference

Doyle developed QuickQual as a quick and inexpensive way to get consumer feedback during the concept development process. QuickQual pairs the latest technology with moderating excellence to provide strategic insights you can count on.

Case Study

QuickQualsm Case Study

“ You did a wonderful job managing the project, moderating the interviews, and turning around the topline so quickly!  The team is definitely sold on the benefits of online qualitative! “

 Shopper Insights Manager | General Mills

Chicago Qualitative Research