Short Term Communities

Method Description:  Short Term Communities (also known as Market Research Online Communities, or MROCs) are comprised of consumers who share a common characteristic and who agree to participate in an extended (1-12 weeks) research project. Members login daily to a platform like QualBoard to participate in discussions, exercises, video journals, blogs, projective exercises and polls. Over time, these activities uncover those elusive ah-ha’s and insights into consumers’ worlds in general and their interaction with a client’s product specifically.

Ideal Uses

  • Strategic research projects that require members to participate in an extended series of activities and discussions
  • Multiple-phase studies that requires participants to ideate, evaluate and refine ideas over a period of time
  • Extended deprivation/inundation studies to identify new product opportunities and benefits

The Doyle Difference

The Doyle Difference is all about moderating excellence and inspired study design. Our multi-media-intense communities allow clients to immerse themselves in consumers’ worlds. The insights uncovered help clients better understand consumers’ lifestyles, attitudes, behaviors and unmet needs, and help to identify white-space opportunities to advance a brand.

“ You did a wonderful job managing the project, moderating the interviews, and turning around the topline so quickly!  The team is definitely sold on the benefits of online qualitative! “

 Shopper Insights Manager | General Mills

Chicago Qualitative Research