Bulletin Board Groups

Method Description:  An Online Bulletin Board (OBB) Group is a method whereby respondents participate in a research discussion online over consecutive days.  OBB Groups are conducted via “Message board” format, such as the QualBoard platform, where the moderator posts questions and participants respond to the moderator and each other.   Increasingly, OBB Groups include video assignments obtained either via webcam or smartphones.

Ideal Uses

  • “Deep dive” exploratory research
  • Sensitive topics where anonymity is desired
  • Creative development sessions
  • An online diary to complement product placement studies
  • Continuous projects
  • Dispersed participants, eliminating time zones as a factor
  • Busy target markets: doctors, senior executives, people who are unable/unwilling to commit to traditional research at a facility—
  • Tweens and teens, minimizing peer pressures

The Doyle Difference

  • Hands On:  Our clients tell us that there is a significant difference in the way DRA conducts Bulletin Boards compared to many of our competitors. Other researchers often simply post questions and leave the Board unattended—there is little, if any, engagement on the part of a researcher.  We are very hands on, probing individual respondents full-time throughout the duration of the board, and the depth and richness of information we collect reflects that. We “greet” each and every respondent, post thoughtful probes, and encourage group sharing.
  • Thoughtful Assignments:  We frequently require video assignments, which generate richer feedback than responding to a query via typing.  As a result, the bulletin board discussions teem with rich conversation, varied perspectives, and insightful findings.
  • Oh Pioneers:  As one of the original entrants to online research and part of 20|20 Research, the company who helped pioneer the technology, we have been conducting bulletin board groups for years and have significant experience in getting fantastic insights from the method.

Trouble Getting Teens to Talk? Online Bulletin Boards are GR8 (PDF Download)

Case Study

BoardTalk™ Online Research

“I never had this method [bulletin boards] to use before.  Maybe because it allows them to somehow be both open and private at the same time, and because it lets them take as much time as they want to respond, these respondents have offered more heartfelt testimony than I have ever had access to. “ 

Account Planner | Big Arrow Group

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