Going Mobile

Doyle Research has been conducting mobile research since the Stone Age (well 1999, which amounts to the same thing in Cell Phone Years.)  Using a cell phone to capture consumer insights allows us to capture “in the moment” consumer reactions whenever and whenever they occur.  Mobile research can take many forms and is often part of mixed method research design.  Feedback is rich and multi-faceted.  Consumers talk to us.  They leave voicemails. They snap photos.  They take videos.  They text journal entries.  They show and then they tell.  Or they tell and then they show – it all depends.  And qualitative insights are all the richer for it.

First to Market

When we started conducting mobile research 1999, cell phone penetration was 40%.  Back then the cell phone was only that – a phone (no camera, video, GPS, etc.)  So respondents called.  They left voicemails capturing their immediate reactions – feedback far richer and current than anything we could obtain in a focus group.  We called it StreetTalk℠.

The Evolution of Mobile

As the years went on, the cell phone became a smart phone, and smartphone penetration topped 60%.  We were able to incorporate media – photos, video, and texts – as additional means to capture even more insights.    We conducted inbound studies, where respondents reported to us as certain events were occurring (i.e. every time they visited a fast food restaurant over a specified period of time).  We conducted outbound studies, in which we prompted them with questions (i.e. what snacks have you consumed in the past three hours?  Why those?).  We sent people on shopping trips, and asked them to record their experiences.   And much more…

Straight Up, No Recruit

In 2014, Doyle Research launched Geo-Stories℠ and took our mobile offering to a whole new level by incorporating geo-location technology to intercept consumers during an actual, authentic product or service experience.    Now we don’t recruit them, we find them when they entered a specified location.  We know they are there at their own initiative, on their own time.   You can’t get much more “in the moment” than that.

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“I have used Doyle Research on numerous occasions, and have found the team to be knowledgeable, creative in recommending solutions for qualitative that works, able to turn on a dime when we needed it. We’ve had solid results and some highly insightful analysis that opened business partner eyes to some things they didn’t know but needed to.”

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