The 2018 Guide to Qualitative Research Methods

Minesights℠: Qualitative Knowledge Management

If your research isn’t living up to its potential, maybe what you need is not more research but a new perspective. MineSights is a qualitative meta analysis process that shines new light on existing research (reports, internal memos, even customer e-mails) with fresh but experienced eyes, bringing to light undiscovered information and great ideas.

Mining for new insights.

Our mining experts will dig, sift, analyze, and distill your documents to bring you:

  • Deeper knowledge. We’ll read between the lines, identify gaps, and draw connections between studies that people closest to a project might miss.
  • New knowledge. We can explore existing research with a different topic in mind, interpret it from a new perspective, and give you an entirely new set of insights, observations, and ideas.
  • More accessible knowledge. We’ll give you a concise but comprehensive overview of your existing research, our key findings, and what they mean for your business decisions.

From our first meeting, I was impressed with the Doyle team’s probing questions, their ability to listen. They thought through our needs and recommended a truly innovative research design.

Senior Management | Radio Flyer, Inc.

Ethnographic Research

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