Peer Parties

Method Description: Peer parties are gatherings of a small number of individuals who are friends and who are screened to be product or category users. These sessions typically take place at a participant’s home, but can also take place at a location that’s best suited to address a client’s unique research objectives. We find that this method yields very rich results, as friends tend to keep each other honest. They also tend to be more comfortable sharing their opinions and building on a friend’s idea than those of strangers.

Ideal Uses

  • Peer parties are a particularly effective method with kids and teenagers as a way to counteract problems with peer pressure sometimes present in a focus group
  • Peer parties can also be used with teens to understand teen posturing and bravado
  • They effectively engage niche consumer segments such as first time moms
  • They can be used to better understand a category (for example household electronics usage or beverage consumption)

The Doyle Difference

Doyle’s skilled moderators have extensive experience in study design and know when a Peer Party will add value. During these gatherings, we observe, listen, probe and use the environment as stimulus for conversation to uncover those elusive insights that can help optimize a brand and engage consumers.


“(She) is an excellent moderator. She relates well to all types of participants/markets. She manages to get everyone to participate openly and adapts well to all situations.”