In Person In Depth Interviews (IDIs)

Method Description: An In Depth Interview (IDI) is an in-person interview with a single participant. Usually lasting from 45 minutes to 1½ hours, depth interviews can be conducted in facilities, on site, or in-home. In Depth interviews can also be conducted online via webcam.

Ideal Uses

  • Concept tests, especially when there is a prototype to see and touch
  • Website usability evaluations
  • Complex topics
  • Detailed discussions of purchase decisions
  • Sensitive or very personal issues
  • Discussions with businesspeople when the topic is such that they would not want to reveal information to potential competitors
  • Anytime where depth is more important than breadth – when you want each respondent to address every topic or issue

The Doyle Difference

At first blush, IDIs appear deceptively easy. After all, anyone can have a conversation. However, not everyone can draw out respondents, ask unbiased questions, and gently probe to uncover penetrating insights. All Riva and CPSI trained, our moderators are interviewing experts, plain and simple. We unearth the deeper story.

Case Study

Individual Depth Interview Case Study

“(She) always connects with the consumers in a way that allows her to really dig deep and get the information needed, but not always easily articulated by the consumer.”