Decision Pairs

Method Description: Two participants who know each other are interviewed jointly. Decision pair interviews may take place in a traditional facility setting, or in the environment where the decision would naturally take place, such as at home or in a store.  It is also possible to conduct these interviews via webcam.

Ideal Uses

  • When the research objectives include understanding the purchase decision process, for example mother and child buying cereal or snacks
  • When we wish to understand the dynamics between joint decision makers, for example spouses buying a home or a car

The Doyle Difference

Our moderators have extensive moderating skill and experience, along with deep understanding of the nuances of decision pair interviews. Our approach draws out both participants and encourages sharing. We offer a variety of study design methods, such as “Friendship Pairs,” which are used when children or younger respondents are interviewed jointly. In this case, having an interview partner makes younger participants more comfortable and open during the interview process.

“(She) always connects with the consumers in a way that allows her to really dig deep and get the information needed, but not always easily articulated by the consumer.”