In-Person Qualitative Research

In-Person moderating requires creativity, diplomacy, flexibility, a sense of humor, and occasional flashes of brilliance.   We have all that in spades.  And boy do we have ways of making you talk.  Our moderators are Riva and CPSI-trained.  We have a large toolbox of exercises, approaches, and homework assignments that we use to get below surface answers.   Projective exercises and creative techniques encourage fun, freedom, and thinking beyond the rational.  Respondents get a comfortable, safe environment in which they share their thoughts and opinions.  You get inspired storytelling.

Individual Depth Interviews (IDI’s)

Decision Pairs


Peer Parties

Focus Groups


Kathy’s qualitative researchers are highly qualified and very knowledgeable. It was a pleasure working with them on complex projects. I could count on my clients being very satisfied with the results, and the partnership worked seamlessly.

Operations Director | Smith Dahmer

Online Chicago Qualitative Research


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