Video Diaries

Method Description: Video Diaries, also known as online self-ethnography, are respondent-recorded videos produced over time. Through intimate conversations and activities, the moderator and participant develop a deep relationship. This rapport allows us to get below the surface to reveal authentic, actual behaviors as opposed to claimed ones. Video Diaries can be webcam/laptop based for in-home or in-office use, or smartphone based for on the go activities.

Ideal Uses

  • Capture habits or processes over time. (i.e. “Each day for the next five days, as you are making the decision about what to prepare for dinner, please talk to me about how that decision is being made, and show me the foods under consideration.”)
  • Inundation/deprivation studies which uncover unmet needs
  • Sensitive, multidimensional topics which benefit from extended scrutiny
  • Low involvement categories, as over time participants start to recognize pain points and emotional triggers

The Doyle Difference

Video diaries are all about establishing rapport and trust, moderating excellence, and study design. Our moderators succeed on all fronts. Using an array of tools and techniques, we craft the right combination of conversation and activities. We don’t just answer the question. We uncover the deeper story.


“THANK YOU for all of your hard work on my project.  I really feel like you all went above and beyond to make this happen for us on our crazy timeline – from Kathy rolling up her sleeves to do the pre-field work until Chris was available to jump in, to Chris calling and checking in on all of our respondents and watching all of their videos ahead of the interviews, to Natanya filling last minute gaps as respondents struggled to find our elusive products.   I know this was a challenging task and I was so impressed with how seamless you all made it feel from my perspective.”

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