On Site Ethnographies

Method Description: On-site and in-home ethnographic market research sessions are similar in terms of method and reasons for use. The difference is that on-site ethnographic market research interviews are place based, meaning they take place in a restaurant environment, on the beach, in the work place, in the car, at a rest stop or wherever a product or service is used or sold—outside the home. And, based on the objectives, these sessions may be pre-recruited or may involve intercept interviews.

Ideal Uses

  • Intercept interviews at swimming pools to explore sun care behaviors and product use
  • Pre-recruited interviews in the work place to better understand office needs in our client’s category
  • Intercepts at interstate rest stops to explore auto storage solutions
  • Pre-recruited drive-along interviews to explore quick-serve restaurants’ drive-thru service.

The Doyle Difference

  • The Real Story: The richness of these interviews comes from being able to observe and experience the behavior as it naturally unfolds. In fact, often we observe behaviors that totally contradict what consumers say or actually do. DRA’s skilled moderators observe various behaviors and follow-up with probing questions designed to uncover both the rational and emotional reasons why consumers do what they do, uncover any compensating behaviors employed to make their lives easier, and Identify white-space opportunities for innovative solutions.
  • Inspired Assignments: Pre-recruited participants for on-site research projects often complete assignments like photo or video diaries and day-in-the-life journals that are used as a springboard for conversation and to add texture to the insights.
  • Compelling Presentation: DRA presents these insights in multi-media rich presentations that not only bring to life the voice of the consumer, but provide our clients with actionable insights and strategic recommendations.

“With the on-site research, we saw how people really sort their laundry–and it turned out to be a lot more complex than what they’d told us in focus groups!”

Manager, Research Services | S.C. Johnson

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