Method Description: In-store ethnographic interviews, also referred to as Shopalongs, uncover thoughts, influences, and motivations when consumers are shopping for a product. This ensures that the packaging, placement, customer experience, and in-aisle marketing efforts are working to engage your consumers.

Shopalongs are used In-Store to assess:

  • The purchase decision hierarchy
  • The triggers of the need or desire for the product
  • The behaviors that take place in the store and in the aisle
  • The role of in-store sampling, displays, signage, multi-media promotional efforts, customer service, etc.

The Doyle Difference

Shoppers are asked to follow our “think aloud” protocol so that we can hear the thoughts that are going through their heads as they complete their shopping excursion. We then observe and probe to learn about the ease with which they can find what they are seeking; what they reach for first; what draws their eye; the purchase dynamics if more than one person is involved; any frustrations they experience, etc. We diagnose how and why consumers shop the way they do.

“With the on-site research, we saw how people really sort their laundry–and it turned out to be a lot more complex than what they’d told us in focus groups!”

Manager, Research Services | S.C. Johnson

Qualitative Online Research