In Home Ethnographies

Method Description: In-home ethnographies are comprehensive sessions which combine observation and interviews to generate deep contextual understanding. While in home, we strive to blend in with the setting to observe, listen, probe and use the environment as stimulus for conversation to uncover those elusive insights that help optimize a brand and engage consumers. Home based ethnographies generally last from 1-3 hours, depending on research objectives.

Ideal Uses

  • Understand your consumer by creating a qualitative lifestyle profile
  • Identify points of pain, workarounds, and innovative solutions for your product
  • Figure out consumer traditions, rituals and routines — how these came to be, and how your product can optimize the experience
  • Gain insight about how your target consumer thinks, lives, works, plays, and celebrates

The Doyle Difference

  • Inspired assignments: We often ask each participant to complete an assignment to help us better understand the world of this consumer. These assignments may include a photo or video diaries, or day-in-the-life journals. DRA moderators then use these as a springboard for the conversations and to add texture to the insights gleaned from the interviews.
  • Deeper insights through conversation and observation: We watch and listen to what individuals have to say and the reactions and behaviors of those around them. We observe facial expressions, gestures, and movement. By watching, listening and asking probing questions, we uncover rich insights you’d never collect in a controlled research environment.
  • What it all means: We take these profiles, observations and insights and craft meaningful action plans for our clients. The learning from these ethnographic market research sessions help you better understand your consumers’ wants and needs and identify white-space opportunities to advance your brand.


“With the on-site research, we saw how people really sort their laundry–and it turned out to be a lot more complex than what they’d told us in focus groups!”

Manager, Research Services | S.C. Johnson

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