Method Description: IHUTnographies℠ are qualitative In Home Usage Tests (IHUTs). While traditional (quantitative) IHUTs provide measurable data, the information received is based on consumers’ responses to predetermined structured questions. Often these questions miss key areas, with little room for the rich feedback and insights needed to identify and understand much-needed enhancements.

IHUTnographies℠ harness the power of today’s mobile devices and online technologies to observe in-home product usage and interview consumers at the point of product experience. The free-flowing qualitative interview format allows us to identify those elusive “Aha! moments” (might as well quote Oprah here) often missing from quantitative studies.

Ideal Uses

  • Video diaries + Moderated Interviews:  Using their mobile device, respondents take videos of their product usage experience.  A follow-up webcam interview is conducted to discuss product appeal, performance, challenges and suggested enhancements.
  • Live Streaming IHUTnographies℠:  Webcam-streamed interviews in which the moderator observes the product usage experience as it happens.
  • IHUTnography℠ Communities:  Recruited community participants record their product usage experience via a smartphone or webcam video.  They then upload this feedback to an online bulletin board. Participants respond to moderated posted questions, discuss their experiences among themselves and brainstorm product enhancements/new product opportunities.
  • Video Journaling:  Consumers are assigned a series of tasks in evaluating a product, and record video for each assignment.

The Doyle Difference

Doyle Research developed the IHUTnography℠ method. We have the moderator chops needed to get the job done, using cutting-edge technology and inspired research design.

“This team is always a great pleasure to work with.  I always feel in the loop as the project takes shape, and they are willing to work with me on tough recruits and timelines.”

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