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Sometimes, you just have to be there.  Want to really understand how sunscreen is used?  Then hit the beach!  With ethnographic methods, we watch people do their thing – shop for an item, use a product, or navigate a webpage – in their natural environment.  We carefully observe, and then we follow up and ask participants to explain their behavior to better understand it.  In cases in which the moderator’s presence can itself bias respondent behavior, we conduct self-ethnography via online journaling/immersion or, increasingly, via smartphones.  Over the 15 years that we’ve been conducting ethnographic research, we’ve seen it all.  We’ve conducted ethnographic research in the car, on the construction site, even in the bathroom!   By combining in-context observation, expert interviewing, and deep category expertise, our qualitative consultants will tell you what it all means.

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Market Researchers Taking Work Home with Customers

In-Situ Research in Latin America: An enriching process (pdf)


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ShopTalk™ Ethnographic Market Research

Ethnographic Market Research Case Study



“Doyle Research is truly passionate about in-home and shop-a-long research.  A combination of thoughtful planning and excellent moderating has allowed our teams to uncover deep insights that have guided us in package development, brand positioning, and communication.”

Associate Consumer Insights Manager | PepsiCo

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