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Ideation Case Study

Brunswick Corporation was seeking to reverse the decline in bowling’s popularity, and to revitalize bowling alleys by making them family destinations.

Doyle Research facilitated an all-day, ideation session with members of Brunswick’s international executive team. During the course of the day a variety of creative exercises and “games” were utilized to leverage the team’s diverse experiences and perspectives, in order to generate myriad potential solutions to this challenge. DRA’s expert facilitators then took the Brunswick team through convergence efforts to identify areas of high potential.

DRA then delivered to Brunswick its Concept Development Cookbook, which included an idea called Cosmic Bowling. DRA consulted with Brunswick’s team about how to make the most of that and other “significant potential” ideas. From there, concepts and a compelling positioning were developed and tested. The rest, as they say, is history…Cosmic Bowling has proven to be one of Brunswick’s most successful launches, and has since spawned relevant new products and services.

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“I have used Doyle Research on numerous occasions, and have found the team to be knowledgeable, creative in recommending solutions for qualitative that works, able to turn on a dime when we needed it. We’ve had solid results and some highly insightful analysis that opened business partner eyes to some things they didn’t know but needed to.”

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