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Streettalk™ Using Mobile Devices to Conduct “In-the-Moment” Research

When you want to conduct experiential research, and it’s not practical to be present, consider StreetTalk™.

Chicago Qualitative ResearchUsing their own mobile devices, respondents can text, email, photograph or call and leave an extended message.  They can describe the situation they are in, their thoughts, feelings, and points of pain, and reactions to the products and environment as they occur.

StreetTalk™ allows you to capture a situation in real-time, and capitalizes on mobile technology to bring scenarios to life:

  • Get immediate feedback as customers leave a theater or restaurant.
  • Capture the experience of teen girls shopping for jeans, or cosmetics, or electronics…or whatever!
  • Explore what triggers a convenience store visit or a product craving
  • Follow a busy mom as her day unwinds.
  • Gather first impressions at a trade show.

Senior researchers at Doyle then follow up with each respondent, either individually or as a group, to further probe and clarify learning and provide our clients with insightful analysis.

Consider the possibilities for your business.  Consider StreetTalk™.

Want to explore the possibilities?  Contact  Chris Efken at, or for information on Doyle’s other services, contact Kathy Doyle at

“I have used Doyle Research on numerous occasions, and have found the team to be knowledgeable, creative in recommending solutions for qualitative that works, able to turn on a dime when we needed it. We’ve had solid results and some highly insightful analysis that opened business partner eyes to some things they didn’t know but needed to.”

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