Market Researchers Resources The 2018 Guide to Qualitative Research Methods

Questions to Ask Before Investing in Market Research with Hispanics

Does my product need to be marketed differently to Hispanics? What do I know or suspect about why?

  • Different sources of influence and category information?
  • Different places shopped?
  • Different product and category priorities?
  • Different media consumption mix?
  • Different social communications and word-of-mouth technologies, organizations,and overall mix?

Is my category one in which culture plays a strong role?

  • E.g.,image categories such as clothing, hair, cars, home décor, music, food
  • E.g.,“backstage” categories such as household products or personal care products in which geographic or cultural traditions or physical considerations play a part

Do Hispanic consumers make up a significant portion of the clientele of any of my significant distribution markets and channels? Am I leaving money on the table by not optimizing marketing efforts to them?

If Hispanic marketing efforts are already underway, how are they being received? What is my brand’s or product’s unit share of Hispanic spending vs.competitors?

Do I know which products or alternative solutions are my competitors in the eyes of my Hispanic target consumers?

Has my company properly understood and addressed its Hispanic consumer targets within a very diverse set of sub-markets (by affluence, education, acculturation, region of origin, urbanization, domicile, language use, etc.)?

  • Brand perceptions
  • Product perceptions
  • Category perceptions,priorities and opportunities
  • Distribution channel (shopping) attitudes,perception,and behavior
  • Household dynamics w/r/t products and services purchased by and for family members
  • Communications content optimization
  • Communications touchpoints optimization
  • Sources of category information and influence

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