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Exploring Your Online Market Research Options

Live Chat, Bulletin Boards, Online Immersion, Video Diaries:
Which Option is Right for You?

boardtalkWhen geography, low incidence, speed, or budget constraints are an issue, it pays to consider online research as an option. So which method is right for your project?

Live Online Focus Groups is ideal when you need to obtain top of mind feedback to assist in narrowing and/or refining multiple stimuli (ads, packaging, concepts, positioning statements, taglines, etc.).  It takes place in real time, typically 60-75 minutes, with 8-10 respondents.  Teens and young adults, in particular, love it!

BoardTalk Bulletin Boards are ideal for deep dive exploration of a segment or category to understand attitudes and behaviors, or for concept reactions and brainstorming.  Boards take place over time, typically 3-7 days, with 15-20 respondents.  Busy professionals and consumers enjoy the ability to respond when and where it’s convenient for them.

Online Immersion is an ideal alternative to ethnography. It combines the “real time, real life” benefits of ethnography with the convenience and cost savings of online research. Individuals are engaged in a variety of interactive, multi-media activities that encourage them to explore the emotional connections they have with a brand, a category, or a broad concept.

Video Diaries truly embody the voice of the customer.  Consumers can now send their thoughts and insights to researchers via webcam, in real time.  This is an excellent method for self-ethnography, documenting product use, and homework assignments.

Regardless of which option you select, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Geographic representation
  • Ability to recruit low incidence audiences not available in “bulk” within a single market
  • Online anonymity encourages candid responses
  • Elimination of travel time and expense.

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