Market Researchers Resources The 2018 Guide to Qualitative Research Methods

Does your company keep an archive of existing research?

MinesightsIs your archive easily searchable by project name, customer segment, brand, type of research and does it include a brief digest of key insights for each project?

Although the task is time consuming in the short run, the long-term benefits are significant:

  • Extend the research dollars you’ve already spent by making proposals, questionnaires, stimulus, reports and executive summaries easy for others to access.
  • Increase the efficiency of searching for, and reviewing, key marketing and research documents.
  • Bring new people up to speed on past brand activities.

Save money by avoiding duplicative research efforts.

This exercise also creates the opportunity to conduct a meta-analysis of the data you already have-to take a look at the data with a fresh perspective and gain new insights.

Doyle Research’s MineSights® process has delighted clients by identifying knowledge gaps, by drawing connections between studies, by interpreting findings with a new perspective, and by answering marketing questions without conducting additional research.

For further information on Doyle Research’s archiving and meta-analysis services, contact Kathy Doyle at 312-863-7602 or kdoyle@doyleresearch.comor visit our website at

“I have used Doyle Research on numerous occasions, and have found the team to be knowledgeable, creative in recommending solutions for qualitative that works, able to turn on a dime when we needed it. We’ve had solid results and some highly insightful analysis that opened business partner eyes to some things they didn’t know but needed to.”

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