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9 Tips for Reducing Your Qualitative Research Costs

Doyle ResearchHas Your Research Budget Been Cut? Do You Need to Control Costs?

  1. Know your objectives. Clarity on the purpose and desired outcome of the research will lead to better, more efficient study design. This will help assure that you are not paying a premium for a method you may not really need.
  2. Consider online research. Conducting research online allows you to recruit a geographic mix of respondents for a single group, eliminating the need to conduct research in multiple markets. It also eliminates all travel expenses, and reduces out of office staff time.
  3. Be realistic about screening requirements. The price of a recruit is based on the difficulty of the specifications, as well as the time it takes to administer a screener over the phone. Screen only on the most essential criteria. If we are looking for “needles in a haystack” can you really market to them?
  4. Avoid last minute screening changes. Once you get into the field, any changes that are made—unless they are to loosen screening criteria—are costly.
  5. Plan ahead to avoid overtime charges. Last minute projects often incur overtime charges to complete. Allow at least two weeks to complete the recruit for an average-sized project.
  6. Reduce group size. You can save up to 20% on both recruiting and incentives by simply reducing the number of respondents required to show. Smaller groups (6-7 respondents) are typically just as rich in quality and quantity of information gathered.
  7. Schedule research to avoid hard-to-fill time slots. With the increase in working moms, daytime slots have become more difficult and expensive to fill. Even research with stay-at-home moms must be scheduled with care; a group between 2:30-4:30 (when kids are getting out of school) is going to be significantly more expensive to recruit.
  8. Be selective about your A/V needs. Unless you know for certain that someone will watch them, eliminating videotaping can save thousands across several markets. If you are recording the groups, do you need an operator or would a stationary camera be adequate? Are you including audio and video clips in a final report? If not, you probably don’t need to pay a premium for digital recordings.
  9. Control backroom requests. Last minute copies, ordering off of menus vs. ordering in advance, food for 12 when only 3 show up…all contribute to an increased bottom line. And as with all fine dining, the bar bill adds up quickly!

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